The Treasure Hunt Begins… Me Hardies, Arrrr…

Ahoy Maties!

IMG_5483FSLV is a concept born out of my love for wood, creating useable art and having a conservationist Boy Scout leader dad that had me cleaning up the messes other people left behind because nature should be respected and treasured. I was taught from my early childhood to leave campsites cleaner than when we arrived. If I saw garbage on the street my dad taught me that as a Boy Scout had a responsibility to the community to clean it up. My reward was self-satisfaction and a part of my “duty to God and my Country.” I was also taught to “waste not” but I was often bothered by the fact that I was throwing things away because I couldn’t think of anything to do with it but trash it. In Las Vegas people seem to think that that they can cut down whole trees or large branches and then just dump them on the street or in the many open fields that are all around the Las Vegas valley. Furniture is often left on the streets with signs saying “Free” or dumped into open fields.

S1120004Four years ago I found just such a pile of discarded wood and instead of just throwing it out this time I wondered what it would look like if I cut it into boards.  I did just that. It was so beautiful that I decided to turn it into a chest for my wife as a Christmas present. She loved the chest so much she told me I needed to make chests , as a family tradition, for every grandchild we were to be blessed with. A new family tradition was born.

S1120002 Here is the chest I made for my first granddaughter for her second birthday. The wood is Red Cedar inlaid with local rocks and petrified wood.


This idea was also born from my wife (obviously my constant inspiration) telling me about this guy on television she liked to watch, a guy named Nate Berkus. He showed the viewers how to used discarded things from the streets to make beautiful objects and furniture like I had done with her chest. We both knew that this was very possible here in Las Vegas.

The Daily Treasure Hunt was on and has become a lot of fun for the whole family.

We had been Rock Hounds for several years. strolling along in the open fields became another treasure hunt for us. We found everything from petrified wood to fossils to odd formations to just pretty rocks naturally polished by the sun, wind and sand. I decided to try to mix the beauty of the discarded woods we found with the wide variety of rocks we had collected from everywhere here in the Las Vegas Valley. The result was something none of us could have previously imagined.

It was about this same time that my daughter became the ship captain of a pirate re-enactment group, The Glass Eye Pub.


My daughter needed help to build her props and children educational tools to teach them about historical piracy at the Renaissance Fair locally.


It shivered me timbers to be invited to join!


I became “Sven” the ship’s carpenter, and the fun just kept on coming.


Sven the ship’s carpenter and Abby…Kingador of the “Glass Eye Pub” pirate guild 
Here is the ship’s carpenter’s shop at the Renascence Faire:

 And here is the inside of Ye Ole’ Pirate Ship’s Carpenter Shoppe:


The chair is one of the many Sven made for the Pirate crew. I also made several benches out of materials found on the Streets of Las Vegas.




Being the ship’s carpenter allowed me to experiment with many different types of materials that are found all over the Las Vegas valley. The use of Palm Fronds became my speciality.


Late last year I started getting requests for the things I was making but I had to explain that I  only made things for friends and family. That’s when we (my family) decided that I should let people in on the unique things I was creating. It was then that I was asked by my daughter-in-law, where I got my materials for all the things I was building. I told her the the truth. I got them From the Streets of Las Vegas. And the name was born.

This site is dedicated to recycling pirate treasure (AKA trash and waste) into items that can be cherished for generations. It is dedicated to having fun everyday. It is about being a modern day pirate. A buccaneer if you will …always on the hunt for diamonds in the rough discarded by Landlubbing Blige-sucking Hornswaggling Scullywags.  So here, on this site, ye will discover some things that are available to acquire (for those less talented) for a few Doubloons or to build ye yurself that people have purchased or were given to friends and family or the Pirate guild.

So hoist yur Jolly Roger me bilge rats, grab your Letters of Marque, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen so ye may come along with this Old Salt as we pillage and plunder From the Streets of Las Vegas.

Yo ho… Yo ho a pirate’s life for me!

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