The Witch Toss Game


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Rules for Witch Toss

1. The first object of the game is to have fun.

2. The second object of the game is to be the first player to 25 points.

3. The youngest player goes first.

4. Chose your witch. Red hair, Black hair, Green hair or Orange hair… then name your witch. You cannot use the names Glinda or Locasta (unless you want to.)

5. Place the catapult anywhere outside the Magic Forest playing board you feel will give you the best shot.

6. Place your witch on the catapult. The witch should be placed touching the roped end of the catapult.

7. Launch your witch into the magical forest.

8. If your witch lands on or within the width of your pointing finger (like in horse shoes close counts) to a point valued item, like the broom or black cat, you get the points. So if your pointing finger can touch you witch and the positive points item you get the points.
9. If your witch ends up touching a negative point item like the rope or the river subtract the points from you total.

10. You must touch the duck to lose a turn but if you do touch the duck you do not lose points for being in the water.

11. If you would get points for a positive item, like the troll cave, and you are touching a minus item, like the river, only count the positive points.

12. Pass the catapult to the next player.

13. Continue until one or more players reach 25 points or a player has minus 25 points. If a player has minus 25 points the player with the most points or fewest minus points wins the game.

14. All players get the same number of turns so ties are possible.

15. The player with 25 points or the most points over 25 points wins.

16. If you want to change the rules then DO IT. Remember that the main object is to have fun.

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