Swashbuckler’s Summerlin’s Farmer’s Market

Well here we go. We started selling the art work in earnest. It has been fun to hear the gasps from many of the people when they see the beautiful wood art work. Several people have asked if they could apprentice for me. It looks like I may have to start a YouTube channel to show people how I make these things. That will be a new learning curve.

Captain Wedge’s pins are a huge hit. Shoppers just love to come by and read them. The Captain’s rings are also very popular.

Any of the items that have not sold yet are available on line at swashbuckeindustries.com

Here are a few photos from the Farmer’s Market.

Hobbit Pipes, Rattles, Ball in a Cup Games and Nic Nac displays. As always all the wood comes from the Streets of Las Vegas.


Just after dark with the hand made lamp glowing showing Family Trees, Bird Houses a chest and candle holders.



Tankards, Walking Sticks, etc.

Pirate Treasure Chest covered in Palm Frond.


Domino set in it’s case

Wood Rings


Zodiac Keychains


Incense Burners


Hollow Log Shelf




Rustic Wood Planters and the Palm Frond Chest. The large Planter SOLD


Pins and Jewelry


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