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Pirate Fest 2015AD

What a great time we had agin this year. Pirate Fest ask the Glass Eye Pub (our Pirate guild) to set up our pub and bar and have it open to the public. It looked great.

S1580002We had a lot of happy customers:

S1590004S1600001S1590024We also had wonderful products and several other shows asked us to be a part of their shows. We are a growing concern.

Here is a Hobbit Bird House made from a hollow log




The coasters and candle holders were popular.




We added a Pirate Ship game with working canons:




The frog pond game is always a hit. Everyone of them is a unique game.S1590001


We added a new chest to the offerings. This one has a top made from palm fronds.


The Kingadore wants this light for his ship:



And here are a few new offerings from the world of yarn by Alissa, a master with the hook.



We don’t have all these pipes anymore. Several were sold and were very appreciated.




And so we close this year and look forward to the next Faire. What fun!