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Latin Grammy Awards Use Streets of Las Vegas Rustic Furniture

The Latin Music Grammy Awards used the furniture we made from discarded and recycled wood from the Streets of Las Vegas.

This was furniture we made for the Pirate guild, The Glass Eye Pub (Whitney is a Captain and I am the Ship’s Carpenter) was used on the Latin Grammy Awards. The lead singer in the linked video is standing on one of the long benches we made from discarded lumber and tree limbs at just after the three minute mark in the video for the: El famoso grupo Calle 13 presentó su nuevo tema “El Aguante” en Latin Grammy 2014.

One of the chairs we made out of a recycled tree planting container and branches we collected from the Streets of Las Vegas is held over head by one of the lady extras at the 2:20 mark, on the right side of the screen.

Many of the other benches are in the background or are not shown on this video but were used by the other musicians to stand on and play.

We didn’t make the tables. The guild had them before I joined but they are from our pirate guild.

Bench style used at Grammy’s in foreground: