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Pirate Fest 2015AD

What a great time we had agin this year. Pirate Fest ask the Glass Eye Pub (our Pirate guild) to set up our pub and bar and have it open to the public. It looked great.

S1580002We had a lot of happy customers:

S1590004S1600001S1590024We also had wonderful products and several other shows asked us to be a part of their shows. We are a growing concern.

Here is a Hobbit Bird House made from a hollow log




The coasters and candle holders were popular.




We added a Pirate Ship game with working canons:




The frog pond game is always a hit. Everyone of them is a unique game.S1590001


We added a new chest to the offerings. This one has a top made from palm fronds.


The Kingadore wants this light for his ship:



And here are a few new offerings from the world of yarn by Alissa, a master with the hook.



We don’t have all these pipes anymore. Several were sold and were very appreciated.




And so we close this year and look forward to the next Faire. What fun!

Special Order Stream2seA Sign

I was asked to make a special sign. I think it came out rather special indeed.

I used Pine, Weeping Willow, Olive, China Berry and Mulberry. The spaces between the wood slices it small chunks and flakes of red crystal found locally. The sun in the logo is naturally yellow, cut from heart of Mulberry. The circle around the logo is a slice of elm bark.


And here is the back:


Here is the logo I was asked to make out of wood. Stream2Sea

The Witch Toss Game


If you would like a Witch Toss game, you can order one at:

Rules for Witch Toss

1. The first object of the game is to have fun.

2. The second object of the game is to be the first player to 25 points.

3. The youngest player goes first.

4. Chose your witch. Red hair, Black hair, Green hair or Orange hair… then name your witch. You cannot use the names Glinda or Locasta (unless you want to.)

5. Place the catapult anywhere outside the Magic Forest playing board you feel will give you the best shot.

6. Place your witch on the catapult. The witch should be placed touching the roped end of the catapult.

7. Launch your witch into the magical forest.

8. If your witch lands on or within the width of your pointing finger (like in horse shoes close counts) to a point valued item, like the broom or black cat, you get the points. So if your pointing finger can touch you witch and the positive points item you get the points.
9. If your witch ends up touching a negative point item like the rope or the river subtract the points from you total.

10. You must touch the duck to lose a turn but if you do touch the duck you do not lose points for being in the water.

11. If you would get points for a positive item, like the troll cave, and you are touching a minus item, like the river, only count the positive points.

12. Pass the catapult to the next player.

13. Continue until one or more players reach 25 points or a player has minus 25 points. If a player has minus 25 points the player with the most points or fewest minus points wins the game.

14. All players get the same number of turns so ties are possible.

15. The player with 25 points or the most points over 25 points wins.

16. If you want to change the rules then DO IT. Remember that the main object is to have fun.

Swashbuckler’s Summerlin’s Farmer’s Market

Well here we go. We started selling the art work in earnest. It has been fun to hear the gasps from many of the people when they see the beautiful wood art work. Several people have asked if they could apprentice for me. It looks like I may have to start a YouTube channel to show people how I make these things. That will be a new learning curve.

Captain Wedge’s pins are a huge hit. Shoppers just love to come by and read them. The Captain’s rings are also very popular.

Any of the items that have not sold yet are available on line at

Here are a few photos from the Farmer’s Market.

Hobbit Pipes, Rattles, Ball in a Cup Games and Nic Nac displays. As always all the wood comes from the Streets of Las Vegas.


Just after dark with the hand made lamp glowing showing Family Trees, Bird Houses a chest and candle holders.



Tankards, Walking Sticks, etc.

Pirate Treasure Chest covered in Palm Frond.


Domino set in it’s case

Wood Rings


Zodiac Keychains


Incense Burners


Hollow Log Shelf




Rustic Wood Planters and the Palm Frond Chest. The large Planter SOLD


Pins and Jewelry